September 2021 – Wheels & Wake

September 2021 – Wheels & Wake Great show, great people, great bikes - the motorcycle festival in the far north would have delighted legends like Evel Knievel, Bud Ekins or Steve McQueen. First flat track hunting scenes on the Moorwinkelsdamm in Bockhorn, then cool two-wheel sprints on the sandy beach of the beach club in Rastede-Nethen - the festival got many a [...]

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August 2021 – Haselrodeo

August 2021 – Haselrodeo August 2021 - Get yourself and your bike really dirty again. Playing in the dirt. Not necessarily coming in first. Where is that still possible these days? That's right, at the Haselrodeo Rally in Ibbenbüren in the Tecklenburg region. There, in three quarries, about 50 off-road enthusiasts have now let off steam with their classic off-road machines until [...]

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January 2015 – Thou shalt not kill?

January 2015 – Thou shalt not kill? On the subject of "Thou shalt not kill?" with regard to the fifth commandment the Christian Protestant Community of Quelle-Brock will organize a Political Worship on Sunday 15th of February at 10 clock. There will be some of my photos on display in the »Gotteshaus«, Georgstraße 19, in Bielefeld which I took between 2000 and [...]

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September 2013 – Kuba – ungeschminkt

September 2013 – Kuba - ungeschminkt About 20 of my Cuba motifs can be seen in the Community Office Cathrin Reich at Buschstraße 6 in Gütersloh, Germany from September 22. A lot of the footage comes from the exhibition "Kuba - ungeschminkt", which I presented at the Sparkasse Gütersloh in 2012. There are also new photos taken during my recent trip to [...]

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October 2012 – Faktor3

October 2012 – Faktor3 On Friday, October 26, the second issue of the new magazine "Faktor3" got published by Flöttmann-Verlag, Gütersloh. Editor in Chief Markus Corsmeyer has written a multi-page portrait of me as a photo journalist: the contribution in this publication was photographed by Michael Adamski and is entitled "Hardness of life - the photographic experiences of Carsten Borgmeier". This high-quality [...]

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October 2012 – Fine Art-Prints

October 2012 – Fine Art-Prints All 49 Fine Art Prints prsented in my exhibition »Kuba ungeschminkt« are now available as signed prints with or without frame and passe-partout. Further information can be found in the following PDF:

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September 2012 – GüterslohTV

September 2012 – GüterslohTV Sven Grochholski and Stephan Unkrüer of report on the opening of my exhibition "Cuba - ungeschminkt" in an almost ten-minute contribution. GüterslohTV is the Internet television of Flöttmann Verlag. The TV report from the opening night is available via the following link:

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September 2012 – Kuba – ungeschminkt

September 2012 - Kuba - ungeschminkt According to the Sparkasse Gütersloh around 120 guests attended the opening of my exhibition »Kuba - ungeschminkt« on thursday, 27th September 2012. This unexpected popularity overwhelmed me! Matthias Meyer zur Heyde of WESTFALEN-BLATT introduced the exhibited works before the dance group "Santananeta" from Gütersloh provided a significant contribution to the success of this entertaining evening with [...]

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My photos on

Meine Fotos auf The official website of the German Army published photos from my report about the Infantry School of the German Army in Hammelburg. The corresponding article was written by French Lieutenant Colonel Barrois who is the liaison officer of the Infantry School.

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This Website is now online!

This Website is now online! Now the final version of my website is online. So far my web presence offers three photo galleries. Several further photo series will follow (Cuba, Cyprus, Lebanon, nature, portraits). I would like to thank Torsten Nienaber from the company Formlotsen from Rheda-Wiedenbrück for the creative realization of this project. Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the [...]

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