January 2015 – Thou shalt not kill?

January 2015 – Thou shalt not kill? On the subject of "Thou shalt not kill?" with regard to the fifth commandment the Christian Protestant Community of Quelle-Brock will organize a Political Worship on Sunday 15th of February at 10 clock. There will [...]

September 2013 – Kuba – ungeschminkt

September 2013 – Kuba - ungeschminkt About 20 of my Cuba motifs can be seen in the Community Office Cathrin Reich at Buschstraße 6 in Gütersloh, Germany from September 22. A lot of the footage comes from the exhibition "Kuba - ungeschminkt", [...]

October 2012 – Faktor3

October 2012 – Faktor3 On Friday, October 26, the second issue of the new magazine "Faktor3" got published by Flöttmann-Verlag, Gütersloh. Editor in Chief Markus Corsmeyer has written a multi-page portrait of me as a photo journalist: the contribution in this publication [...]

October 2012 – Fine Art-Prints

October 2012 – Fine Art-Prints All 49 Fine Art Prints prsented in my exhibition »Kuba ungeschminkt« are now available as signed prints with or without frame and passe-partout. Further information can be found in the following PDF:

September 2012 – GüterslohTV

September 2012 – GüterslohTV Sven Grochholski and Stephan Unkrüer of report on the opening of my exhibition "Cuba - ungeschminkt" in an almost ten-minute contribution. GüterslohTV is the Internet television of Flöttmann Verlag. The TV report from the opening night is [...]

September 2012 – Kuba – ungeschminkt

September 2012 - Kuba - ungeschminkt According to the Sparkasse Gütersloh around 120 guests attended the opening of my exhibition »Kuba - ungeschminkt« on thursday, 27th September 2012. This unexpected popularity overwhelmed me! Matthias Meyer zur Heyde of WESTFALEN-BLATT introduced the exhibited [...]