September 2012 – GüterslohTV

September 2012 – GüterslohTV Sven Grochholski and Stephan Unkrüer of report on the opening of my exhibition "Cuba - ungeschminkt" in an almost ten-minute contribution. GüterslohTV is the Internet television of Flöttmann Verlag. The TV report from the opening night is [...]

September 2012 – Kuba – ungeschminkt

September 2012 - Kuba - ungeschminkt According to the Sparkasse Gütersloh around 120 guests attended the opening of my exhibition »Kuba - ungeschminkt« on thursday, 27th September 2012. This unexpected popularity overwhelmed me! Matthias Meyer zur Heyde of WESTFALEN-BLATT introduced the exhibited [...]

My photos on

Meine Fotos auf The official website of the German Army published photos from my report about the Infantry School of the German Army in Hammelburg. The corresponding article was written by French Lieutenant Colonel Barrois who is the liaison officer [...]

This Website is now online!

This Website is now online! Now the final version of my website is online. So far my web presence offers three photo galleries. Several further photo series will follow (Cuba, Cyprus, Lebanon, nature, portraits). I would like to thank Torsten Nienaber from [...]

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